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Aslam History.

My father was the founder of Qureshi’s Carpets, Singapore and carpets came ‘’with mother’s milk’’. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by carpets all my life, and my father was a great inspiration and I joined him on his many East and West business trips. He passed on his love and passion for carpets as well as years of experience. He also happily shared the many ‘’secrets’’ of carpet collecting as well as carpet maintenance, - he was truly a great teacher! I admit that I’m spoilt!


Today I do not purchase nor deal in commercial carpets, I only want the best and quality and not quantity is my business mantra. I also know from experience that rarity and fine workmanship will never go out of fashion and carpets in that category will preserve their value and some will with time prove to be financial sound investments. We all know that tradition and superior workmanship are slowly waning and replaced by easy to weave and mass produced carpets.

It will be my privilege to meet you and share my deep rooted love for carpets and in the process introduce you to the wonderful world of superior carpets and kilims.

Wishing to see you all.

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